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Other Foods
 Chutneys - 8 oz. jars

English recipe chutneys and old world recipes from our ancestors produce these products and as always, no preservatives or artificial additives are used. 

Price: $6.50
                                                                                                                                                     PHONE ORDERS:  860-824-7084

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Bread & Butter Cucumber Pickles - 16oz. jars

Made from freshly picked produce that is locally grown with no pesticides or herbicides, just fertilized from all natural sources. 

Price: $6.50 

Goats Milk Soap - 5 oz. bar

We sell these goats milk soaps in several  fragrances and unscented. These long lasting bars of moisturizing soaps feel wonderful on your skin. Some of the most popular fragrances are lavender, fir needle, peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, rosemary and unscented. Email us for the most current fragrances. 

Price: $8.50

Jams & Jellies - 8oz. jars

All of our Jams and Jellies are from locally grown fruits and veggies and are made right here at the Creamery. Some flavors do sell out early in the season. Sold in 8 oz. jars.  

Price: $5.50 

Maple Candy Assortment – 5 bite size pieces

Price: $4.25 

Maple Candy – Men or Ladies (single piece)

Price: $2.25

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup produced from the Maple trees of our neighborhood

Price:           Quart   $25.00
          1 pint       $14.00         1/2 Gallon   $45.00

Pure Maple Cream - 8oz. jars

Pure Maple Cream produced from the Maple trees of our neighborhood - 8oz. jars 

Price: $12.00 

Pickled Beets - 32 oz. jar  $8.50
Dilly Beans - 16 oz. jar   $6.75
​Cucumber Relish - 8 oz. jar   $5.50
​Zucchini Pepper Relish - 8 oz. jar $5.50

Raw Whole Milk

Milk orders must be called in the evening before you plan to pick up so that your milk will be bottled fresh per your order...860-824-7084 

Raw Cows Milk                 Butter  lb  $7.50
$10.00 per gallon               Free Range Eggs
$5.00 per 1/2 gallon          $5.00 Dozen

Whole Milk Yogurt     
$12.50 per quart       
$6.50 per pint       

                                                                                                                                                     PHONE ORDERS:  860-824-7084
Contact Info
148 Canaan Mountain Road 
Falls Village, CT 06031 
(860) 824-7084